Boarding - Weekly Boarding Structure

St Francis de Sales Regional College is a weekly boarding school.

Students arrive at school on Monday morning, board for 4 nights and 5 days and then go home Friday after school finishes at 3.25.

A range of buses service the different country regions surrounding the school for boarding students.

Students are housed in different dormitories and buildings based on their year level and gender. Each year level group has their own boarding supervisor who manages overall student welfare, providing pastoral support in the afternoons and overnight. 

During the afternoon and evening, Boarding house staff provide structured activities and homework support.

Students may wish to attend sporting commitments and classes in local gyms as part of their weekly activities.

Students boarding at St Francis often get the best of both worlds, with support during the week to manage homework, study and assessment and extracurricular activities, while spending every weekend and holiday at home with their family and friends.

The College will assist boarding students to attend medical or dental appointments in town in the afternoon, and operates a health centre or clinic staffed by a registered nurse employed every school day from 8.30 to 3.30pm.

Many of our boarding school students make life-long friendships from their time spent in the Boarding House at St Francis de Sales.